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Welcome to the MD Fusion Family 

At MD Fusion we are excited to welcome you to the MD Fusion Soccer Family!


We are proud not only of making the best players on and off the field but to say we have created a big family made of family members, players, coaches and soccer fans!


Below you can find useful links that will help you complete your registration process through an easy 3-step process!


As you are joining an existing MD Fusion Team, there are a couple of things extra you need to do to successfully complete step 1:


  1. Click on either "Boys Teams" or "Girls Teams" to access a full list of teams by gender.

  2. Click the "team site" button for the team you got accepted and you will be re-directed to your team's page. 

  3. Click on the "Reserve my spot" button located at the upper right and submit your payment.





Select The team you are joining from the list
Get Your Uniform
Let Us Know
You're all set!


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