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MD Fusion 06

MD Fusion - U14 Boys are a team with a clear vision of the game. We encourage our team to give their best every time they are wearing and defending the MD Fusion Colors. Their passion for the game and commitment is remarkable and to be exemplified. 


The U14 age group is an overlap of the U13 age group and every session will encompass the continued development of individual skill on the ball. However, the main focus is the introduction of play within small groups. Playing format is 11v11.


High Priorities:

• Passing/receiving and striking the ball (for distance, crossing; flighted balls)
• Combination play (2v1, 2v2, 3v2, 3v3) when to pass vs when to dribble
• Small Group Defending - Lose it get it back; everyone attacks everyone defends
• Communication


Low Priority:

• Possession with a purpose
• Penetration and shape
• Making the field bigger with longer passes and movement of the ball


Practice Schedule








Diego Federico

Head Coach

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