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MD Fusion 04

MD Fusion 04 are a strong team with a clear vision of the game. We encourage our team to give their best every time they are wearing and defending the MD Fusion Colors. Their passion for the game and commitment is remarkable and to be exemplified. 


At MD Fusion Soccer we believe the players need to be involved with the sport as many days as possible. For this reason, we offer a unique training program that develops the right skills at perfect timing.

High Priorities:

• Possession with a purpose (as a means to an end).
• Penetration Play
• Attacking Shape
• Advanced combination play (short-short-long, up-back-thru, 3rd man runs).
• Defending Shape


Low Priority:

• Changing the Point of Attack
• Attacking Rhythm of Play
• Speed of Play


Practice Schedule








Kevin Bernal

Head Coach

Kevin Bernal - Website.png
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